Monday, 11 April 2016

It's the climb


We're just back from a lovely Easter break down south. We stayed just outside London in Hemel Hempstead in order to visit the Warner Bros. Studios at Leavesden to see everything Harry Potter. It was absolutely marvellous learning all about how the movies were made, the tricks of the trade! The work that went into ten years worth of movies was jsut phenomenal. We also spent some quality time with our beautiful granddaughter who is getting bigger and smarter everyday. She is 15 months now and her latest trick is to do 'round and round the garden' on your hand. If I hold out my palm and say the words, she starts running her finger around my palm (but I have to do the 'tickly under there' on her and she laughs!)

I've been somewhat absent from blogland what with one thing and another (including our lovely break). It seems to always fall to the bottom of the list of my priorities!  I've been busy fulfilling orders for frames and am now doing some crafting in preparation for a spring fair on the 23rd of this month.  I feel quite lucky as I've just been given three more orders, one of which has come from the couple who received the red button heart frame as a wedding gift from one of my regular customers. 

This was a frame for a new baby. The colours given were grey and sage and I was advised they had used white stars in the nursery and liked a vintage feel. I had a beautiful sage fabric with little bumble bees on and purchased some little bumble bee buttons to add as a small feature. I had some wooden stars I painted white. I used grey paint on the letter and added some semi opaque textured white fabric and ribbon to add another dimension. Stars and buttons with some crocheted lace and her name and date of birth in type finished it off. 

This frame on the right was a challenge I received a while ago but it wasn't required until the 20th 
April so I finally got round to working on it at the weekend. It was placed by a grandmother as an 18th gift for her granddaughter who loves climbing and she asked if I could do a climbing wall with a figure. I said yes then immediately retreated, panicking!  As it wasn't required until April, I put it to the back of my mind while I completed other orders but finally had to figure out how I was going to tackle it. I couldn't find a figure anywhere that would suit so ended up opting for clay (I haven't used clay since the start of high school which was almost 30 years ago). It wasn't without its challenges and the figure fell apart a few times. I eventually had something I thought I could use and proceeded to paint it and give it a coat of gloss decopatch glue to seal it.  I made the climbing wall holds from clay too and painted them and sealed them in the same way. I had originally thought to make the wall from clay or paper mache but I started to worry about the weight in the frame and decided instead to use some grey fabric as a background and put it together from there. The rope was a lucky find in Hobbycraft and was just perfect to finish it off. I anchored the rope to the '18' and then used the 'A' at the bottom as the belayer. This one gets delivered on Wednesday so hopefully it goes down well. It's always more tricky if the brief is quite specific as the customer tends to have an image in their head.

I'm going to use tonight to visit some other blogs as I haven't had a chance to in a while and then it will be back to the crafting table tomorrow night after work. 
I hope you are all well. 
Take care and
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  1. Hi Amanda, what wonderful frames, you are certainly meeting the remits, the first one has gorgeous colours, and the climbing frame is so inspired, well done you for managing to come up with something that is just perfect. I am sure both your customers will be thrilled with them.
    Olivia loks just gorgeous, time is flying, enjoy her while she is still just a wee person, hugs Kate x

  2. Hi Amanda
    Wonderful frames. Unique and lovely.
    Sounds like you're a busy gal so sometimes real life takes over from the blog.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x


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