Thursday, 4 February 2016

Blogged down!

Hi all,

I say all, but in truth I've lost a follower already and I only had 12! Cue the violins!
I have been very lucky of late, however, with my Facebook page and have been slowly building followers. Last week I got my first order directly through my page from someone I don't know and tonight I finished it.
It was for a little girl called Abbey. Her Aunt ordered it as she had bought a similar type of frame for Abbey's sister but the lady that made it, no longer makes them (lucky for me).
The brief was pink, purple and girly.

A paper mache 'A' was covered with pink and purple tissue but I felt it looked too brash so I then wound some different shade of purple ribbon round. Fabric flowers in shades of lime and lilac to decorate and each flower was given a button centre. 
ABBEY at the top of the frame were glued in place. They were letters I had originally bought a while ago to use in a card but I think the colours work well in this frame. 
The purple/lilac background fabric was from a fat quarter.  I used some lilac lace and some of the ribbon from the 'A' in strips along the base of the frame. 

This one was for a wedding gift. No dates or names were wanted in it as it's an Indian wedding so they are having more than one celebration. Instead, it was just about epitomising love.

Hearts and flowers were the order of the day. Red was the obvious colour choice as apart from being a traditional colour for hearts, it is also a traditional colour in Indian weddings, symbolising love, commitment, strength and bravery. The photograph doesn't show all the little details fully. The heart in the middle was made using layers of different sized red buttons. Some small paper roses were dotted around the heart. I used some ivory chiffon ribbon and four pearls down each side. The same ribbon was used to hold a silver heart pendant in place above the heart. I filled this pendant with small red buttons and some pearls. A heart ribbon at the bottom with some pearl hearts finished it off. 

I'm off to start another wee frame for a baby girl. I'm quite excited about this one as it is a bit of a departure from the usual pinks and purples. The nursery has apparently been decorated with a sage green and a soft grey and has a vintage feel. Can't wait to get started!
Take care everyone and  photo x_4162e768_zps0vr7iokb.gif


  1. The frame for Abbey is beautiful. I'm sure they'll be over the moon and I love your red button heart frame. I bet those buttons took some sorting. Barbxx

  2. As every your creations are just gorgeous Amanda, the colours and designs are beautiful and they will be treasured.
    Don't worry about loosing Followers it's happening to all of us as Blogger are deleting all those Followers that don't sign in with Google Friend, I've lost 4, but others have lost scores.
    I was up to 99 and was about to make a plea for that one Follower who would have made the 100 and was going to offers some celebration candy, but hey ho, now back to 95, good old Google, have a fab weekend, Cathy xx

  3. Hi Amanda
    Two gorgeous frames. The heart one would be perfect for Valentines Day too.
    I have one to do for a baby boy that is due in April so I'm trying to do some prep so all I will need is the name when he pops out lol!
    As Kate days, don't worry about the follower thing. I've lost 3 and some have lost loads. Its another way Google has chosen to miff us.
    Ang x


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