Saturday, 14 November 2015

Lazy Saturdays!

Hi all,

It's so lovely to have some new visitors to my blog. I've also had the chance to check out some of your blogs too which has been a pleasure and a privilege.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend; I have been having rather a lazy Saturday on the laptop, perusing blogs and watching Mona Lisa Smile. 
It has been a much needed restful day but, I feel, still productive as I've seen lots of ideas on other blogs that I'd love to try! 
Here is a frame I did a while ago as a raffle prize for an event at my son's school. It was for a boy named Aaron who told me he liked basketball and played for a team called the Wolves,who play in blue and orange and his number was 5.
This is what I came up with for him and he loved it (thank goodness).

The 'A' was painted in Phthalo Blue acrylic then I painted a white line border to attempt to make it look a little more like a shirt! Letter buttons spelling 'WOLVES' in orange with a blue 'E' were stuck in a curve at the bottom of the 'A'. I used some orange gingham fabric as a background (I was swithering what to use 
here as I needed to keep it quite masculine).  I wanted to make it look like his name was taking a shot with the basketball so I put three basketballs on to show the motion of the shot (each one made by wrapping wool around a circular shape with black embroidery thread to make it look more like a basketball). The net hoop was made from an orange pipecleaner with lengths of black embroidery thread crisscrossed to represent the net. 

Thanks for visiting and 
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  1. Hi Amanda I'm popping over from Kate's blog and I'm so glad I did what a fab card you have made..I've become a follower I can't wait to see more of your fab creations!! huggles Sue xxxxxxx

    1. Thanks for visiting Sue, it's lovely to have you. Kate has been very kind to tell all her followers about my new blog and it's great to have some of you as my very first followers. I am really loving updating my page with blog entries but I have also loved playing about with layouts. At some point, though, I had better get back to crafting!
      Amanda x

  2. Hi Amanda, so pleased to see some of my lovely Followers have joined you, when your new to it all it's so much fun and excitement to see a new Follower spring up.
    Anyhow, another fabulous Frame and I'm sure Aron will just love it. I would say you created to the brief perfectly, hugs Cathy x

  3. The frame is gorgeous and I bet Aaron was over the moon with it. What a lot of thought you put into the wonderful design. Very clever indeed. Barbxx

  4. Hello Amanda, Found you via Barb's link on her blog, hopped over to say Hi, and enjoy your blog. I LOVE your basketball project. I can see why the winner did as well. It's just the thing for a young sports enthusiast, and I loved that you added in some fabric to it as well. Got lots of fabric stash from another life where I did quilting (eh, make that buying fabric). Just became your newest follower, and looking forward to making a new friend. TFS

    1. Thanks for popping in Mary H, great to have a new follower. I'll pop over to your blog to have a wee look see! Hopefully see you again soon. Amanda x


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