Friday, 27 November 2015

Christmas fair crafting!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well this rainy evening. I'm not long back from our school Christmas fair where I had a wee stall for the afternoon. I was up late last night creating two more frames to add to stock for this fair and another fair I'm doing next Saturday. 

As you'll gather from my blog name, I love butterflies so I decided to create a wee butterfly themed frame. The central butterfly is a layer of three to make it stand up from the base. It was then covered with a gorgeous black and silver tissue paper. I added some more silver with some embossing powder as I wanted it to shine! The feelers were covered with buttons and pearls (I have an obsession with both and love using them in frames).
I had some wooden butterflies in different styles which I also embossed in silver. I then added some die cut butterflies on the top of these. A beautiful lilac fabric to back it (although you can't see much of it due to the giant butterfly) and some organza ribbon with a butterfly print on it finished the frame off. 

I had made this owl from felt a while ago for another project but it wasn't quite right for it and I've been trying to think what to do with it ever since.  An owl themed frame was just the ticket! The felt owl was cut, sewn and stuffed and I then added the different coloured layers with some button eyes. I also had a silver owl charm and I thought it would be fun to give the owl an owl necklace! The fabric backing was from a fat quarter pack I picked up a while ago in a sale. I used a spotty satin ribbon and some cream hessian down the side and along the bottom where the words were then glued down. I also used a few red button hearts. It's a bit quirky but hopefully someone will like it. 

It's fun to create new frames that are for stock as, although I'm hoping someone will buy them, I don't feel the pressure I feel when completing commissions. 
I got two more orders from today, one for a little boy who loves cars and the other for a girl who loves pink, purple, sparkle and glitz...can't wait to get started. I also want to have a go at finishing some of my altered puzzle piece bag charms before next Saturday's fair.
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and 
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After seeing the comment below from Mrs A, I'd like to enter the butterfly frame in the butterfly challenge quadruple. Thanks Mrs A x

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Red, black and gold

Hi all,

I have family visiting this weekend, my aunty and my cousin from up north (my mum's coming over too), so I have to get busy organising the spare room and shopping for supplies!  
There will be no blogging for me this weekend but plenty of fun and laughter with my family!

This red, black and gold frame was one I didn't have long to do given other commitments and the date it was required by.  Another sixtieth birthday frame which I did last night (after work, making dinner, getting KB out to his Taekwon-Do, getting the washing all know how it goes).  Needless to say, I was up until around midnight completing it ready for collection today.

The 'J' was prepped with white acrylic then once dry, I layered it with black and white spotty tissue and a lovely black/grey/white/gold flowery tissue combo. The background fabrics were all from a fat quarter pack (my Mum used the fabrics to make me a patchwork wine bottle carrier and these were leftover bits). I threaded some lovely small glass beads in red and gold onto jewellery wire and looped three strands around the 'J'. The gold beads used to hang the 'sixty' were from some I had in my collection from a long time ago. I used a mixture of black and gold embossing powders to ensure all the letters toned in with the theme of the frame. The border on each side is red satin ribbon and I added a slim gingham ribbon at the bottom. The bows at either side of the ribbon were layered up and the top one was embossed with gold to give a sheen (they were from some Christmas card toppers, again of old). Hopefully it is well received!

I know it's a little early but have a great weekend everyone no matter what you're doing and 
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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Lazy Saturdays!

Hi all,

It's so lovely to have some new visitors to my blog. I've also had the chance to check out some of your blogs too which has been a pleasure and a privilege.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend; I have been having rather a lazy Saturday on the laptop, perusing blogs and watching Mona Lisa Smile. 
It has been a much needed restful day but, I feel, still productive as I've seen lots of ideas on other blogs that I'd love to try! 
Here is a frame I did a while ago as a raffle prize for an event at my son's school. It was for a boy named Aaron who told me he liked basketball and played for a team called the Wolves,who play in blue and orange and his number was 5.
This is what I came up with for him and he loved it (thank goodness).

The 'A' was painted in Phthalo Blue acrylic then I painted a white line border to attempt to make it look a little more like a shirt! Letter buttons spelling 'WOLVES' in orange with a blue 'E' were stuck in a curve at the bottom of the 'A'. I used some orange gingham fabric as a background (I was swithering what to use 
here as I needed to keep it quite masculine).  I wanted to make it look like his name was taking a shot with the basketball so I put three basketballs on to show the motion of the shot (each one made by wrapping wool around a circular shape with black embroidery thread to make it look more like a basketball). The net hoop was made from an orange pipecleaner with lengths of black embroidery thread crisscrossed to represent the net. 

Thanks for visiting and 
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Thursday, 12 November 2015


Hi all,

I've just dropped off a wee raffle donation for a charity event that's happening in Livingston this weekend. It is in aid of Jak's Den, set up in memory of Jak Trueman, an inspiring young teenager who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. He passed away earlier this year but had a dream to create a centre for young cancer patients and those suffering from other life limiting illnesses and their families.
TeamJak have been raising money to make this dream come true. Check out their website,
There are so many wonderful prizes available in the raffles and I hope the winner of the frame likes it as much as I do. 

This was created using some plain wooden letters from Hobbycraft which were covered in a beautiful vintage style spotty paper. I drew around the letters on the reverse of the paper then cut each out. I glued each paper letter onto the respective wood letter and, after it was dry, filed the edges to give a neat finish. Each letter was sealed with PVA. 
I did the same for each of the wooden hearts then used a small stencil to emboss an arc in silver. I then glued some small paper flowers to each of the hearts in an arc shape below the embossing. I glued the hearts together at an angle and attached a small heart charm to the back, letting it hang down slightly. 
The heart banner at the bottom was among some die cut shapes a friend gave me. I glued a pearl on every second heart then added two fabric hearts to the top right and bottom left of the frame. The fabric flowers were from Hobbycraft. 
The last thing to do was to glue everything in place within the frame. Almost forgot...I used a white fabric backing because I wanted the hearts to really stand out but the white fabric does have a beautiful slightly raised pattern on it which you can see much clearer in close up.
I wish all involved the best of luck and I hope they raise enough to help make Jak's wishes come true.
Thanks for visiting and
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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Happy Birthday!

Hi all,
So I've just finished off a few more frames to complete orders for some special birthdays, two fortieths and a fiftieth.

When I asked about favourite colours etc. the person who placed the orders didn't give guidance but instead asked me to just create what I wanted (when it comes to orders for adults, it is so much easier if you have a bit of an idea of colours and what their style is e.g. modern, vintage etc) so this was a challenge!
This was for Yvonne and I decided to have a blue period! The letter was painted in cerulean and then bronzed a little with Tim Holtz distress spray stain in antiqued bronze. I wrapped some chiffon ribbon around the tail of the 'Y' and bronzed the 'forty' and glued it in place. I wanted to do a pearl chain around the letters of the 'forty' but it didn't quite work so decided to glue a single pearl on each letter (these were from Hobbycraft). I have an extensive collection of beads from when I was into jewellery making and found the most beautiful blue glass bead in it which I threaded onto wire and wrapped around the tail of the 'Y'. Gingham fabric that I had was used as a background then pearls and blue beads were threaded on wire and wrapped around the mount. 

This little number was for Isobel turning 50. I went for a flowery theme in pinks and whites using some fabric I had from a fat quarter as the background and some paper flowers from Hobbycraft (some of which had little pearly details in the centre). I placed some  ribbon around the mount (which you can't see very clearly in the photo as it is quite transparent) as it had a lovely subtle sheen to it. Along one of the lengths of ribbon, I added a string of pearly and pink beads which I had in my collection. It did look very pretty once it was finished.
Finally for Lorraine, (this edwas my favourite as I'm a fan of bright colour and pattern) a slightly brighter creation using beading and quilling! I made lots of different pink shades by adding different quantities of white to a magenta acrylic. I painted a subtle swirl pattern on the 'L' using the different shades of pink (it's not clear in the photo but it looked effective). The swirl pattern was then echoed in the quills in shades of pink made by curling slim strips of paper and gluing in place. I had some beautiful crystal beads I wanted to use so threaded them on wire and glued in place on the back of the 'L'. I used embossing powder in silver to colour the wooden letters of 'forty' and then threaded some silver and glass beads on to wire to and glued the letters in place along the wire to look like bunting. 

I love creating these frames and although I'm not a big fan of the 'age' ones (I'm not sure I'd like a reminder on my wall of how old I am) they seem to be proving quite popular as unusual gifts...I've just received an order for another for a sixtieth birthday! Very happy indeed and I'll post some pics once I've finished it.

Thanks for visiting and  photo x_4162e768_zps0vr7iokb.gif