Friday, 30 October 2015

Times have changed!


I noticed when looking through my blogs that the times were all very strange...I was talking about getting to bed and the cool autumn evenings but the blogs are time stamped morning! After some playing around, I finally managed to correct the settings on the blog...yay! 

I also had a little play with signatures which was fun and there was meant to be one on my last post but apparently I had saved the URL incorrectly! Looks like that's sorted now too as I can see a dancing butterfly as I am typing...yippee!

Thought I'd do a quick post just to show you this wee table I did for our caravan. It was an old table of my Mum's (one of two, and I do plan to do something to the other one in time) and I decided to give it a makeover. 
I tried the Rust-Oleum chalky effect finish paint in sage. The paint needed a few layers to cover this old table and although it says no sanding required, in hindsight I should have given it a light sand just to give me a smoother surface to work on. It needed a few coats but I really loved the colour. 
I had found a beautiful good quality gift wrap in Waterstones that I really wanted to use (it had a beautiful print that looked like water colour paint) so I drew round the table top on the reverse side of the paper then cut it out. I glued this with some PVA to the top of the table.
Once it was completely dry, I filed the edges of the paper with a nail file (a trick that a good friend showed me - check out her blog, - so a big thanks to her as I've used this technique a few times now) just to give it a smoother finish so that it appeared to be part of the table top rather than an addition to it. 
The Rust-Oleum chalky finish paint only requires a wax coating but I decided to varnish the table to give it a more hard wearing finish and to seal that table top well so that it was a usable piece of furniture. Before I did this I sanded the table a little on all the edges to give it a more distressed and aged finish. This little table looks fab now in our caravan by the sea!
 photo x_4162e768_zps0vr7iokb.gif


  1. Hi there, found you at last, must have not spelt your title correctly or something.
    Lovely blog, your page graphics are soooo pretty.
    Now you just need to get some followers, do you know how to do that??
    Hugs Cathy xx

  2. Your table is very pretty. I like the colours very much. I also like your little message butterfly. Kate has something similar on her blog. Must try and find out how to do it. Barbxx

    1. Hi Barb,

      How lovely of you to visit my blog and leave such kind comments. Kate is very kind to have spoken about it and it's lovely to see new people taking the time to look at my crafts and read all my ramblings!
      Amanda x
      P.S. there were lots of descriptions online about how to add a signature to a blog but some of them were a little too convoluted for me! I eventually found quite an easy way to do it at that a try!


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