Friday, 30 October 2015

Flutterbies and heffalumps are as cute as a button!

Hi to all the crafters out there on this slightly cooler autumn evening.  

It seems all my issues setting this blog up came from trying to do it on a tablet. Once I booted up the laptop, things became much easier...lesson learned! 

So tonight I am on the laptop and hopefully I won't be spending two or three hours trying to figure things out as I have some crafting to do for an order I received...a 40th birthday gift!

I have been trying to do more craft fairs to see if there is any demand for the frames I do and if there is, to see if I can make some pennies for all the crafting supplies I just HAVE to buy! 

For the fairs, I thought I should come up with a name for myself which I could put on a wee card for folk if they were interested. After quite a few name ideas with none quite hitting the mark I thought about my love for butterflies and elephants. I've a small collection of elephants (given to me by my son mostly) and slightly larger collection of butterflies (not real ones) displayed all over the house. I wanted a name that was a little whimsical and my Dad, when we were younger, always used to switch consonants in certain words when speaking to us which I'm sure a lot of mums and dads do to entertain their children. (I used to love hearing my son say the word balloon when he was learning to speak as it always came out as cute!)  

Flutterbies came to mind instead of butterflies so that was part one of the name. However, for elephants, my Dad used to say ephelants but I also really loved the Winnie the Pooh stories and A.A. Milne's creation, the heffalump...there was part two of the name!

Now for the crafting portion...

I've been trying to come up with some new ideas for frames that I can sell on the day of craft fairs (previously I've only had some examples of personalised ones and an order book) and starting playing around with some ideas using idioms.

This was my first attempt...cute as a button!

I wanted it to look quite rustic (code for homemade) so I got some small scraps of fabric and sewed them together in a patchwork formation for the centre of the frame. 

I sewed some large buttons onto this in places then secured it under the mount. 
I used buttons for the clouds and the flowers. 
For the flower stalks and the sky I used some white hessian style fabric to make some strips with raggedy edges. I then used embroidery thread in green and a simple running stitch for the flower stalks. For the sky, I just did some random stitching back and forth with blue embroidery thread. 
I had some letter cubes (which I think I got from Ebay) which I used for the 'cute as a' part then for 'button' I had some letter buttons which I bought a while ago from Hobbycraft. I was fairly please with the finished frame (although for my patchwork I definitely need more sewing lessons from my Mum) and hopefully somebody will like it. I will be taking it along to the next craft fair I am doing on the 27th November so fingers crossed.

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